PTO Budget Update 2023-2024

The Bishop PTO 2023-2024 budget was unanimously approved at the September 20, 2023 PTO Community Meeting.

At the start of this school year, our PTO finances are sound. Long term emergency funds remain at $15,000. Base cash for the 2023-2024 board was also secured at $10,000. Finally, this year’s board had $24,566 available in September so that $8,060 in teacher checks were written and distributed during the first month of school, purchased $1,500 supplies for classrooms, and funded multiple grants for teacher lounge renovations, Bloomz technology grant, horseshoe table for 3rd grade, library rug cleaning and flexible seating for 4th grade. 
Predicting fundraising for this year was relatively straightforward, having used the previous "return to normal" post covid year as our guide to where the community is with spending. The Bishop community came out and strongly supported our fundraising during covid years, however, the board is aware that there are many more events and commitments competing for weekend time. Thus, the board budgeted conservatively with regard to both fundraising and spending again this year. 
The PTO board proposed a 2023-2024 budget with a deficit because of the excess funds available from the covid school years. Some funds in prior years were not able to be spent (events/field trips, etc) due to covid restrictions. The board will continue to use these “one time funds” to support our needs this year.  The Bishop garden renovation has a final phase to be completed this year and we anticipate several teacher grant requests for spending. As a result of these one time expenditures, we are proposing to run a negative budget this year, equal to about $6,400.
Our goal for this year as a Board was to budget conservatively with regard to fundraising, being careful to ensure that we are able to fund our ongoing initiatives, but also balance that with a readiness to fund additional grants and requests if our community is able to support those through fundraising.  Should our fundraising goals not be met by early 2024, we will reevaluate some of our planned expenditure and adjust downwards if needed. 

A link to the 2023-2024 PTO budget is included at the bottom of this page.  Please reach out to the PTO with any further questions. 


​​Bishop PTO Yearly Budget